Refercoins – Earn Bitcoins By Finishing Micro Tasks!

Make money online will be the goal of many people. Working from home is the most convenient work to do that actually fills your pocket, right? But that is really easy to say but difficult to gain. That being said, what if I say that you can earn bitcoins by literally doing nothing? You may think I’m fooling you!

But you certainly can earn pocket money using the method I am going to share today. This is not about starting a blog with monetization, creating an affiliate site to earn a commission from orders or even dropshipping various products worldwide. So, what you are supposed to do under this method? You seem excited, right? Well, let’s get started!

Refercoins – Earn BTC Easy Way!

As the title suggests, Refercoins is more of a bounty platform where you can simply accomplish various micro tasks and eventually earn money. Well, micro-tasks available here are Facebook share, Twitter retweet, Content Publication, and Video Content Creation.

It may seem complex to you at first glance but they ain’t. Basically, the amount of your efforts and time consumed in one particular task is directly proportional to the amount of reward you’re going to get.

Does Refercoins really pay to its participants?

Is Refercoins a scam? That’s a really obvious question that can be appeared in anyone’s mind right after someone say you can earn XYG amount of money by literally doing nothing. Well, let me clear you about one thing Refercoins is legit and it pays its users on a regular basis.

However, as the payment will be in bitcoins, there will be a threshold amount after which you can only withdraw your approved amount. That’s 1 mBTC and it’s fair. I think it is integrated to reduce transfer fees and probably some scams. So, that’s pretty convincing.

Platforms like Refercoins

There exist a couple of fine platforms where you can complete similar micro tasks and get rewards. Here are some of them:

  1. BountyHUB
  2. Bounties Network
  3. BountyHive
  4. Bountyplatform
  5. Bountysuite

Then why should you prefer Refercoins? If you haven’t worked with such bounty platforms, let me tell you how the existing bounty platform lacks.


Less Rewards Long Withdrawal Time Token Payment

And that’s where Refercoins comes into the picture like a boon! Refercoins solves all of the existing problems limiting a number of bounty participants.


More Rewards Immediate Payment Payment in BTC

Besides, conventional bounty platforms usually review participants’ activities by a week or even a month. In contrast, Refercoins reviews bounty activities really fast, within a day. On the other hand, the price of the received tokens is really volatile. You know never know what will be getting in your hand after listing on exchanges.

Various Available Micro Tasks

1. Facebook Share

This is the simplest task you will ever see to have some bitcoins. Under this task, all you have to do is share Refefcoins official posts on your timeline, take a snapshot and submit to the platform. The bounty manager will review your activity and assign you rewards.

Check out instructions, rules, rewards and registration process using the following button.

Join Facebook Bounty

2. Twitter Retweet

Similar to Facebook, Twitter retweet is another easy task available on Refercoins platform. Under this task, all you have to do is retweet Refercoins official tweets, take a snapshot and submit to the platform. Bounty manager will review your activity and assign you rewards.

Check out instructions, rules, rewards and registration process using the following button.

Join Twitter Bounty

3. Content Creation

This task is a little time consuming but worth the reward. As mentioned earlier, you will be paid based on the number of efforts you put into tasks. As the name suggests, you are required to create content about Refercoins and publish it on your blog or media outlets.

As the payout is high, there will be certain guidelines and strict review process. Check them below.

Join Content Bounty

4. Video Creation

This is not for everyone but payout they are offering is really impressive. You need to create a video talking about Refercoins and how it works. It must be 3 minutes long and you must have at least 100 subs on your channel. That’s fair if you look at the reward pool.

This is really a great task for earning bitcoins. Tap on the following button to get started.

Join Video Bounty

Wrapping up,

So, this is not the end. Refercoins will gradually list real blockchain-based projects for bounties and users will have more and more tasks in the near future. In the meantime, complete various tasks and earn rewards. Wishing Refercoins a huge success!

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