How to Recover Deleted Photo/Video From Smartphones

Photos capture moments that would otherwise fleet away. In the old days, the camera was the primary equipment to take pictures. However, technology has grown to such an extent that we have super powerful smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the iPhone X that can even rival the DSLR.

Moreover, they are easily portable and quite convenient. Also, the availability of top-notch editing apps in the Android and iOS platforms have made high-end Smartphones a compelling buy for photographers.

All this is well and fine. Unfortunately, mobile phones also present to you a number of ways by which you can lose valuable data and phones. If you are in the unfortunate victim of such an event, then don’t look any further. In this article, we will be presenting to you some methods and tips by which you can recover all your precious photos. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos

Well, there exist various methods for recovering lost photos, videos, and other important data. Though they all are not accurate, we have enlisted different methods to do the same. Go through the following methods one by one and recover deleted photos.

recover deleted photos

Method 1: Using the EaseUS MobiSaver App

This is a very popular Android app by which you can get back your lost images, videos, and other data items. It is available from the Google Play Store. Check out the steps below to recover the data items.

  1. Start the app on your smartphone and start scanning for the lost images and videos by clicking on the “START SCAN” button.
  2. The removed photos and videos will now appear on the screen.
  3. Click on the Settings option. You can adjust the preferences to let the software scan and display some particular file size, file formats, etc.
  4. Once the scan is over, choose the displayed files and tap on the Recover button. Now, click on the eye icon. All of the recovered images and videos are in there. 

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Method 2: Using the Diskdigger app

This is another Android app that can be found on the Google Play Store. It is not a free app, but recovering photos does not involve any cost. This really works to recover deleted photos and videos.

  1. First of all, launch the app and give the necessary permissions. Now, you can view two options-Full Scan and Basic Scan. Choose Full Scan.
  2. Search for the internal storage of your phone. Click on it and choose the kind of file you want to locate: JPG or PNG. Hit the ok button.
  3. Now, all the photos will be displayed which includes the deleted photos. You need to apply certain filtering techniques. Click the settings option and choose the image size.
  4. Now, select photos you want to recover.
  5. Select the folder where you want to save the files. Click OK and everything is done.

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Method 3: Using iCloud Photo Library

If you have this app, then it automatically would have created a backup of all your images. This is available for Windows operating system. Therefore, all you need is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Start CopyTrans Cloudly and then sign in to your iCloud account.
  2. Next, click on the Rescue option and select the folder to save the recovered files.
  3. Now, wait until the download is complete.

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Method 4: From Cloud Backup

Here, all you need to do is to log in to the respective cloud app and choose the save location for the files. The procedure is different depending upon the apps.

Google Photos:

  1. Launch the app.
  2. From the sidebar, choose the Trash icon.
  3. Long-click on the file that you need to recover, and tap on the restore button and you are good to go.

Microsoft Onedrive:

  1. Launch the app and go to the Me section.
  2. Choose the Recycle Bin and select the files to be restored.
  3. Now, hit the restore button.

All the removed files will be available for 30 days.


  1. First of all, login to your desktop.
  2. Head over to files and choose the Deleted section.
  3. Select the ones that you would like to restore.

Method 5: Recovering from SD card

If you are not satisfied with above methods to recover deleted photos, this is supposed to be your ultimate method. This method will not work if your device does not have a MicroSD card.

  1. Connect the memory card to the pc.
  2. Install the software called EaseUS Data Recovery
  3. Run the app and Select the memory card.
  4. Now, tap on the Scan button.
  5. In the left window, click on the type and under Graphics, choose the file format of the image.
  6. Now, select the images to be recovered.
  7. Choose a location and click on the Recover Now option.

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